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Adopt this kind of habit, and whenever you go to any place, make sure you make it a point to conserve energy, be it electricity, water, or light. That way, you don’t just get to spend time with your date, but your date will see the effort you want to put in trying to get to know them. Every nature lover has a favorite place, where they get to spend time smelling the flowers, or swimming with the fishes, or exploring caves, or trekking mountain paths.By showing your date that you also care about energy conservation, you’re already making your way into their hearts. They always want to take the scenic route that doesn’t involve burning gas just to get from point A to point B. Nature lovers would often rather spend some time in the great outdoors than watch a movie in a cinema or dine in a mall.#1 Have you ever spent time in a park or an open field, and were able to breathe fresh air even just for an hour? Spend an hour trekking, or 30 minutes diving, visit a recycling center, or just sit on the grass in a park and watch the birds fly by.Having your own encounter with nature will not only let you have a decent and informative conversation with your date, but you are also able to share what your experience with Mother Nature is and hopefully, your date will be impressed with what you are able to share with them. [Read: Top 10 romantic summer date ideas] #2 Have you ever experienced volunteering for somebody else’s cause?

They are interesting to be with, as they know a lot of trivia about how many trees are cut just to make paper and how much money people would have saved if they just recycled everything. Here are some suggestions on how to be one with nature, and of course, the nature lover. Experience it firsthand, and see what your date loves so much about it.

Or volunteer in any of the recycling centers and invite them to join you. #4 You know how you always forget to turn off the balcony lights at night? They would ride a pedaled bike to their closest destination, or spend the whole day outside under natural sunlight, when they are reading a book, rather than spend time indoors and use the lights. A great idea for a date will be to ask him or her where they feel closest to nature and bring them there.

Some even invest in solar panels so as to harvest the free energy from the sun. The adventurous nature lover is a sucker for these things, and would never say no to you. It could be by the sea, atop a hill or even just in a vast garden.

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