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“We want to end this exploitation practiced in the name of religion,” said Butul Khan Pathan, who filed a case at Banke District court against her husband who divorced her to marry another woman.Pathan fought successfully to get half of her husband’s property and now serves as an example to others.Women in Nepal’s minority Muslim community are increasingly contesting through the courts the divorce settlements imposed on them by their husbands.The women say they are the victims of an abuse of Islamic law by their husbands.One-sided divorces without mutual consent are illegal in Nepali law.“Nepalese laws that protect women’s rights are strong weapons to help these poor victims and they are now increasingly becoming aware and empowered as well,” said Laxmi Poudel, a prominent lawyer in Nepalgunj.

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They perform traditional, minded and former customs further.

The case is taking time to resolve, but Idrisi hopes she will win the legal battle.

Victims “Muslim women want to end the misuse of religion that is victimising them,” said lawyer Mohana Ansari, who has been helping women to fight for their rights.

Her husband, Sahim Ahmed, refused to provide any support.

She complained that men were misusing Islamic Law, which has a procedure called `talaq’ for ending a marriage: A Muslim husband in Nepal can divorce his wife by repeating the word `talaq’ three times.

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