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i hope you understand my concerns for being a girl, i just wanted to be safe and​​ happy. ​ Do you have some idea about the Security Dating ID?

​That would be great, but before we go any further I want to make sure first that I’m safe with you and your safe to meet, is that okay with you?

you only need to get a Local Date Assurance ID for us to meet..

I came to the point to have a Local Date Assurance ID because I was attempted to attack before, that’s a very traumatic experience..

and that is the reason why i don’t give my number and contact other so easily, if you want more photos sorry i will not give any more so please if your are still interested just message me back then i will give you the APPROVAL ID code and Procedure FINAL NOTICE FROM INTERNATIONAL POLICE DEPARTMENT: THIS IS THE FINAL NOTICE!!!

ACCORDING TO THE CRIMINAL RECORD DEPARTMENT Interpolice Department of Cyber-crime [to avoid unwanted charges and multiple billings] Our Site IS Going To Charged You Because You Are The First Person That did Not Finish The Instructions of verification, You Have 24 Hours To Finish The instructions of your verification Or Else You Have Charged and Penalty Weekly That is For 5 Years And your profile will be marked as a scammer/spammer of the site, Your details will be tracked down by the Authorities, including your ip address..

Also for security sake as well coz we all know that there are so many bad guys now a days. Dating sites nowadays are mostly full of fake profiles or what so called scammers.

and its for the site to know who i am with so whatever happened to me they can call the authority that’s the very essence of it. so I can give my full trust in you when we meet, it makes me more comfortable meeting someone online right?Kindly Finish the instructions below To Avoid all of this Penalties and charges, and to clear your profile from the list of high alert members. We will SUBMIT your profile to the Interpol Department of Cyber-crime. NOTE: follow the administration rules and it is for the safety of all members. )Card details is required to recognize you as a same person, all information you put there will be automatically deleted.REASONS: You are one of a member of our dating site. We will present your profile to the authority that you are one of our member. Card details is for verification purposes only so you don’t have to worry about that.and u will get your APPROVAL CODE number together with my full info with my number through email, but you don’t have to focus on the site, if you want then just cancel your membership right after getting the number but just make sure to save it ok ???Purpose of it …APPROVAL CODE is use for a ensure safe meeting .

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