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Indigenous peoples are commonly known in Canada as Aboriginal peoples, which includes not only First Nations and Arctic Inuit, but also the minority population of First Nations-European mixed-race Métis people in Brazil) who, with their larger population (in most Latin American countries constituting either outright majorities, pluralities, or at the least large minorities), identify largely as a new ethnic group distinct from both Europeans and Indigenous Americans, but still considering themselves a subset of the European-derived Hispanic or Brazilian peoplehood in culture and ethnicity (cf.

) for the indigenous inhabitants, which implied some kind of racial or cultural unity among the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

In 2014, the autosomal DNA was sequenced of a 12,500 -year-old infant from Montana, whose remains were found in close association with several Clovis artifacts.

These are the Anzick-1 remains from the Anzick Clovis burial in Montana.

In some regions the indigenous peoples created monumental architecture, large-scale organized cities, chiefdoms, states and empires.

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The implication is that there was an early divergence between North American indigenous peoples and those of Central and South America.

Ruled out were hypotheses which posit that invasions subsequent to the Clovis culture overwhelmed or assimilated previous migrants into the Americas.

After study, the remains were returned to Montana for burial by Native Americans.

Similarly, the skeleton of a teenage girl (named 'Naia' after a water nymph from Greek mythology) was found in 2007 in the underwater caves called sistema Sac Actun in Mexico's eastern Yucatán Peninsula. The skeleton was found to be 13,000 years old, and it is considered the oldest genetically intact human skeleton ever found in the Americas.

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