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So for someone like me to say that X city is more attractive than Y city, I need to make sure that I’m not talking about my personal tastes, but an average of tastes over a wide variety of men.

Yet there are plenty of guys who don’t like blondes, or don’t like big tits, or don’t prefer white women, or whatever.

Segmented Cities One place where these methods fall down is in cities that are highly segmented.

Miami, for example, has very “hot” areas and very “ugly” areas. Well, if you say it’s not, that’s not quite accurate.

Therefore, I can’t let this color my opinion of what a “hot” city is.

Consider it one giant bar chart with the hottest women at the top and the ugliest women at the bottom.The leases have expired without a single well drilled.Where fracking has died, a new landmark signals the promise of another ambitious energy project.So yes, Tokyo is a pretty “hot” city, but would I consider it one of the hottest? Therefore, a “hot” city must be a city where there were lots of women that men would agree are attractive.This rules out cities that are full of hot girls of a very specific type (like Tokyo or Oslo).

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