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Take turns listing A to Z the reasons you love your mate. Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is a great place to begin.

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Set the mood by relaxing together and talking by firelight or candlelight. Now this is the right time for that black cocktail dress that shows off your figure and flashes those sexy legs. Ideally, and this goes for any date, you’ll want to choose only one asset and highlight that, especially with your dinner date outfit.For example, if you do go for a short dress, you’ll want to keep your arms covered so they won’t compete for attention down below. However, classy two-inch heels will give you more elegance than any pair of flats can hope to accomplish. Sometimes the best dates happen outside, such as having a picnic in a park or going to a ball game or even strolling through a farmers’ market. (For a deeper time together, each of you get the study guide that goes with the book and spend time in God's Word together). Get some plants, throw down some beach towels, put on your bathing suits and eat Hawaiian food. After they are in bed, choose one other idea on this list to enjoy. Go to a local Christian Bookstore and buy a book on marriage and read it together. The once a week date night assignments are enriching and fun. Often local music stores have island music at rock bottom prices. Borrow plants from all your friends and neighbors and turn your patio into a private garden retreat and enjoy a quiet dinner.

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