Pb loss in u pb dating song seung hun dating lee yeon hee

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no isotope occurs in more than one series (Figure 2.2).Furthermore, the half life of the parent isotope is much longer than any of the intermediary daughter isotopes, thus fulfilling the requirements for secular equilibrium (Section 2.4).As a provenance tracer, zircon U-Pb data are less susceptible to winnowing effects than conventional petrographic techniques.

The greater the distance from the expected composition at t, the greater the degree of Pb loss and the greater the linear extrapolation error on the crystallisation age (Figure 5.1).This sometimes is not the case, resulting in a loss of Pb and/or U.Such losses cause the U-ratios which yield the same ages (t) against one another, they form a so-called ‘concordia’ curve.We can therefore assume that the Some igneous minerals (notably zircon) conveniently incorporate lots of U and virtually no Pb upon crystallisation.For those minerals, the non-radiogenic Pb can be safely neglected (at least for relatively young ages), so that we can assume that .

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