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Josh and his team decide to break into Shaw's apartment during the parade.Slide attempts to betray the team by reaching the safe first, having tricked Odessa into giving him lessons.Denham and the FBI arrest Josh and the crew (except Slide) as they walk outside the Tower.Miss Iovenko arrives, telling the FBI that she passed her bar exam three days ago and is acting as Josh's attorney.Josh gives chase, but is tackled by FBI agent Claire Denham, who explains that Shaw was actually attempting to flee the country and resist arrest for masterminding a Ponzi scheme, embezzling billion.

The team retrieve the car and send various parts of it to Tower employees to compensate for their lost pensions.

She shows them Shaw's ledger and tells them she will turn it over in exchange for everyone's freedom.

The FBI accepts on the condition that Josh, being the primary conspirator, must serve a minimal two-year sentence.

Charlie is later rehired as the Tower's new manager, and, uncomfortable with the plan, warns Josh to abandon it or Charlie will turn him over to the police.

Subsequently, Denham informs Josh that Shaw is scheduled to attend court on Thanksgiving during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade to avoid publicity, and that Shaw will be set free.

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