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“In short,” says Mathew Dahlberg, a financial advisor at Main Street Investments in Kansas City, Missouri, “if you don’t have the money in your checking account, then don’t write the check! The article Postdating Checks Is a Waste of Time — Here’s Why originally appeared on Nerd Wallet.

” Spencer Tierney is a staff writer at Nerd Wallet, a personal finance website.

If you write a check and don’t have enough money in your account when it’s cashed — whether or not it’s postdated — your bank can cover the payment or let the check bounce based on its overdraft practices.

» MORE: How to write a check “It’s kind of a tricky scenario,” says Matt Foster, founder of the rental property search site i Rent and a landlord in Ventura, California.

If it doesn’t go through, the recipient might charge you late fees and a bounced-check fee. “From a criminal law perspective, there is nothing inherently illegal about postdating a check,” says Eric Hintz, a criminal defense attorney at Hintz & Welsh in Sacramento, California.

Hintz says that only criminal intent, such as intentionally not having enough money for a payment, can be grounds for check fraud.

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