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These studies found no evidence that people use online dating because they can’t hack it face-to-face. People’s motivations to start online dating are many and various, typically involving a triggering event like a break-up, but overall Barraket and Henry-Waring (2008) have found that people’s motivations are less individual and more social.

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Target profiles with a high responsiveness rate were deemed as more attractive following an unresponsive target, and so the experimenters conducted a second study to confirm this result.

This is because framing, the order in which things are presented, influences our construals of the world. Spielmann and Geoff Mac Donald conducted a study that examined the role of contrast and framing effects on evaluations of dating targets. In study one, 94 heterosexual females viewed a series of four online dating profiles made by the experimenters.

The dating profiles were comprised of four photographs, two of which were found to be ‘unattractive’ and two that were ‘highly attractive’ by pilot testing.

As expected women tended to shave off the pounds, while men gave themselves a boost in height.

These lies make little difference in the real world because the vast majority of fibbing would have been difficult to detect in person.

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