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Honey, Quad was working in a nursing home in Nashville.

She had no place to live, and that’s okay because we all have a past.”“It’s okay to lift a sister up but not okay for me to introduce you to my so-called friends and then try to turn them against me, like that’s crazy to me. The very person whose coattail you’ve been on this entire time. It’s a damn fraud, I mean that.”“When I look back, I see that this was clearly a single Black female type situation.

Lisa, in her confessional interview, not only agreed with what Mariah said but added that Quad dated men of ill repute for money.

Quad has now responded to what Mariah and Lisa said about her and her past.

She won’t talk about me making a phone call, getting her in medical sales.

episode, Mariah Huq made some salacious claims about Quad Webb-Lunceford to Lisa Nicole Cloud.

According to Mariah, she and her husband once financially supported Quad when Quad was so broke that she didn’t even have a proper home.

While the practice of polyamory isn't new, the identity and jargon surrounding those communities, and in many cases, the communities themselves, are much more recent, and because of that, these terms are constantly evolving and may mean different things within different poly communities.

The definitions I used are the most common ones in both my local community and the online world of poly folk as well, but some there is still some disagreement around some of these words.

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