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"I think most people have considered politics at one time or another in their lives, whether half-heartedly or not.

Whether or not I would make the sacrifices I would need to make in terms of my family and so on, in order to get into politics at this stage, I don't know.

After that I went to the University of East Anglia and Norwich, went back home for eight or nine years, worked with De Beers diamond company in London, then transferred back to Botswana to work with the De Beers diamond mining company.

Stone's two-piece ensemble included a lilac Vera Wang skirt and a simple white button-down from The Gap.In the 1940s and '50s, the Khamas beat the racist and xenophobic powers-that-were in both Botswana (formerly Bechuanaland) and England in order to live together, raise a family and lead the newly-formed African independent country to a stable, peaceful and economically viable state that continues today.The Voice spoke with Khama grandson Marcus ter Haar who currently lives in Botswana with his own wife Julie and their two children.In a story that loosely mirrored that of his grandparents, ter Haar met white British Julie whilst studying in England and persuaded her to move back to Botswana with him, where they are both extremely happy.IN BLACK AND WHITE: From left - Marcus' mother Jacqueline at the age of six with her brother Seretse Jnr. There were two attempts before to turn the book into a film, which were unsuccessful.

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