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His name was mentioned several times through out the show.

Although its drama and fake, we enjoyed the show like its a story rolling in front of our eyes or else we must as well read a book.

Love the chemistry between black and swan.( shipper here) I don't know how many times I will have to watch it to get over it.

Again, the chemistry between the leads is daebak!!!

Through the bright persona of Swan, Cha Ji-Won falls in love and regains his trust of others.

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Both male and female leads portrayed their roles very nicely and the antagonist role by Kim Kang Woo and the veteran actor Jeong Kuk Hwan were perfectly presented.

Although I read soompi that Lee Jin-Wook and Moon Chae-Woon worked hard on scenes together, I somehow sensed uneasiness between them..observe the way they hugged..scenes too.

Everything is pretty much predictable and you can see from far the twists before it unfold -- but I still enjoy it nonetheless.

Lee Jin Wook is utterly charming (I finally see his it!

i want to be fair to actors and actresses of this drama,they are all very goid.don't come up with a good ending.

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