Scorpio and cancer dating

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You will be on the receiving end of a partial solar eclipse on the 13th in your sign.

The eclipses are just now changing over to your sign with Capricorn as your opposite axis from Leo and Aquarius.

The better energy of the month happens early with Jupiter moving into forward motion on the 10th and bring you some fabulous times with your kids, lovers and if you decide to go to some kind of entertainment venue or festival, even better. You above all people intrinsically know how to take care of people and make them comfortable. But we don't grow as people if we don't suffer a bit.

This is also good for careers in real estate, the beauty industry and other areas that provide comfort, like cooking and other domestic areas. Which is sad that we are so simple that we don't understand if we actually were thinking correctly we wouldn't have to contend with some of the more negative portents the Universal energies have to offer.

You might be able to get in with one of these companies on the ground floor which could be a real opportunity for you. Please fully understand the population you are dealing with and give them all the freedom they can manage.

Some of them are kind of pricy but if you have a chronic condition sometimes there is financial assistance.You have your best energy coming at your from the most secretive house in the zodiac.This might be a lover you've been keeping under wraps until you were more comfortable introducing them to your family, or a favorite place you go to remember times from your past or some other thing that helps you escape from the world. Unconditionally and forever by someone who will never, ever forget you. Saturn is our big mover this month but at least he will go to somewhere that he is comfortable.Your house of first marriage is not exactly happy now.You are hosting Saturn and Pluto here and this is difficult other than for those that enjoy relationships that are based upon convenience or a cold dedication to a shared goal that probably has a purely financial motive. You are one of the few signs that seem to get the fact that we are supposed to be caring about one another no matter what.

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