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And it’s regrettable to see Kong’s misogynistic streak continue, as the victory of Fong’s character over his ex is finally defined by his courage to slap her hard. The Brink Much like co-producer Soi Cheang Pou-soi’s hysterical (2007), this feature debut by Jonathan Li Tsz-chun relies on absurd characterisation that appears to value an illusion of subversion more than believable characters, of which there are few.

Ultimately, his waterlogged thriller is as technically impressive as it is narratively dubious. Always Be With You Reuniting Herman Yau and Louis Koo Tin-lok with series producer Nam Yim and mainstay Helena Law Lan, with a reboot so mediocre, it feels right at home next to the many preceding chapters we didn’t mind watching again on TV reruns over the years. Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back Four years after he struck gold at the Chinese box office with , comedy icon Stephen Chow Sing-chi keeps his screenwriting and producing credits, but cedes the director’s seat to Tsui Hark for this mega-budget sequel, an effects-driven action fantasy that never quite recovers Chow’s comedic edge.

But while a few industry veterans turned out mediocre efforts that proved very forgettable (we regret missing out on a few of those, which received so little publicity and did so poorly in the box office that they almost instantly vanished from cinemas after their first screenings), the silver lining of the year has to be the steady emergence of new filmmakers with refreshing perspectives and passion to spare.

Ironically, it is when its dystopian dread gives way to a cautionary tale in the final reel that its spell is broken. God of War A minor return to form for both genre and filmmaker, Gordon Chan Ka-seung’s period action drama takes a page from Ming dynasty history to tell a story involving loyalty, military strategies and an awkward dash of female empowerment.

With its sprawling narrative and uneven pacing, Chan’s film plays like an extended highlight reel sampled from a season of prime-time TV. Love Contractually Hong Kong pop star Sammi Cheng Sau-man and Taiwanese heartthrob Joseph Chang Hsiao-chuan lend their spontaneous charisma to this corny yet amiable romantic comedy.

I am a qualified insurance professional in Australia and have sat for and passed the relevant exams in Hong Kong, but only really have experience here as a language teacher, so feel that an employment visa would be tough to get from Immigration.

Hong Kong cinema didn’t have its greatest year, with very few noteworthy releases.

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