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When we trust someone, we perceive that person's face as more similar to our own.

This phenomenon is the brain's way of keeping us safe so, if we're attracted to someone who looks similar to us, it's because we perceive him or her to be trustworthy.

As clichéd as this scenario sounds, it's one many of us find ourselves in regularly. I think I'm pretty, I have a good sense of humor and I'm entertaining -- so can I find someone who is just me, but in male form?

According to Science Daily, our brains' signal to trust an individual is crucial.

In a study from The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, researchers “altered their subjects' faces into those of strangers and asked them to evaluate the strangers' attractiveness.

Subjects favored faces that looked like their own."The Westermarck effect: In a series of studies, anthropologist Edvard Westermarck, found people "who grow up together are disposed not to fall in love with each other after they reach sexual maturity."While this may seem likely, given the familial bonds growing out of these relationships, it's still possible the physical qualities we're exposed to early in life could have a marked effect on who we choose as a mate once we've reached adulthood.

A couple of years ago, a dating website even used a facial recognition software to identify potential partners based on physical similarities. In an attempt to complete oneself by recreating unconscious parent relationship traumas in one’s childhood, people are drawn to those who look (and act) like their mothers or fathers (“Oedipus complex”).

Both intrigued and appalled, I wondered: Is dating yourself a thing? Since we probably look like our parents and our parents may look like our lovers, there’s a good chance we’re only trying to fill our individual existential voids.

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