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All of these Unlimited plans have a cap of 22GB a month after which data speeds may be reduced, but you won't be charged any fees for going over that cap.

Customers who enroll in the unlimited plans can receive a discount if they use Auto Pay and Paperless billing.

If you like to watch any video on your data plan, this may not cut it.

While youc can still use data after you hit the 1GB cap, it will be significantly slowed down. AT&T Mobile Share Flex plan | 5GB | per month This plan is at a sweet spot for multiple users, as the 5GB can be split two ways for moderate users while keeping the price within reason.

Tablets and wearable devices that connect to data are each month.

With these plans, you don't have to worry about fees for going over the data allotment.

It can even be split three ways if everyone agrees to go easy on the streaming. AT&T Mobile Share Advantage plan | 10GB | per month For bigger families or heavy mobile users, this plan may work out nicely.

At the end of the 30 months your monthly payments will drop, since the phone is paid off.These Mobile Share Flex plans are a simple way to pay for just the amount of data you need, and save big if you have more people to split the monthly bill with.Keep in mind that every device you add costs , including the primary device on the plan, so the prices listed are just for the data plan itself.For 10GB plans and higher, calls and texts to Mexico and Canada are free as well, with no roaming charges for use in Mexico.If you don't want to spend a bunch of time thinking about which data allotment is right for you, you can just opt for one of AT&T's Unlimited plans.

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