Sobriety and dating

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In a great book by Clarissa Pinkola Estes called Women Who Run With Wolves, she talks about how we manifest our inner predator in the outside world and go about setting the bait to attract said predator.

Not always, but when we are a state of compromised selfhood, you betcha.

I am looking for the acts of kindness, the lack of judgment, the spiritual element expressed in words and gestures, the principled actions.

These are the kinds of people I want to keep close.

I sought comfort in the opposite sex, and now that you’ve seen my list you know that meetings are a great place to meet my type.

Having been there and done that, I can really see why it’s not a good idea.

And I came to understand I didn’t like it, don’t like it.

Those feelings I thought were love were nothing of the sort, they were romantic obsession and intrigue, which I used to stir up in the shit pot to distract me from my path, from my connection to my Higher Power. First of all, there really isn’t one, because I am whole and complete and happy and I am not looking for anything.

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I intend to find the best in people and I intend to find miracles every day, and I DO!

Really consider it when it is suggested not to date in sobriety in the first year.

(You’re going to anyway; no one listens, but consider it). This is not a secondary consideration, it is the primary purpose.

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