Sophia bush and ian somerhalder dating intimidating tattoos

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Apparently, Sharmen was the one who ended their relationship.Reed explained that this was her first experience of having someone break up with her.Sometimes, life imitates art and the actors find themselves with the same feelings as their fictional counterparts.Although these relationships make fans swoon, they are also notorious for causing drama behind the scenes.The pair have been seen together ever since, loving it up.

Every one of these couples had amazing chemistry and helped define love for generations of viewers.Did you cross your fingers that Veronica would wind up with Piz instead of Logan on Veronica Mars?While watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, were you Team Angel or Team Spike?Another much debated topic among fans was whether Joey belonged with Pacey or Dawson.According to Kevin Williamson, the chemistry between Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson was apparent early on, which is how he decided that the relationship between Joey and Pacey would eventually turn romantic.

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