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LAURA LIEBER, Refrains and Acclamations: The Congregational Dynamic within JPA Poetry MICHAEL RAND, The Use of Aramaic in Classical (Byzantine-era) Palestinian Piyyut, and Beyond ELIAV GROSSMAN, Observations on the Relationship between JPA Poetry and Targumic Expansions Keynote Lecture: PHILIP ALEXANDER, The Study of the Targumim in the Early Modern Period, with particular reference to Codex Neofiti and Pseudo-Jonathan to the Torah Chair: Dineke Houtman Thursday, July 12th Chair: David Shepherd CRAIG MORRISON, Abraham and the Fires of Gehenna in the Palestinian Targums and the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus (Luke 16,19-31) CHRISTIAN BRADY, “The Lord Has Trodden as in a Wine Press,” A Note Regarding Tg Lam and Isa.63:3 EVELINE VAN STAALDUINE-SULMAN, The Reception of the Tenth Commandment Keynote Lecture: PAUL V. FLESHER, Where did the Scripture Reader and the Scripture Translator Stand in Ancient Galilean Synagogues?Jewish tradition is meticulous about naming the source of every teaching. Grossfeld, for example, maintains that Onkelos and Aquila are the same person, argues that the parallels between the Targum and the midrashim point to a common tradition upon which both genres of scriptural interpretations rest, and concludes that where the school of R. They rely on references to the Targum in a volume on targumic traditions collected in Die Masorah zum Targum Onkelos, There is no evidence of the time of composition of this Masorah and no certainty that many elements were not added at later dates.Furthermore, the Mishnah in the Babylonian Talmud, Megillah 8b, edited after the traditionally held composition date of the Onkelos Targum, quotes R. Gamaliel, who lived during and after the traditional composition date of Targum Onkelos. A second proof for the third century dating is the existence of non-halakhic material in the Targum.

Sifrei defined words with what we may call a full definition formula: ein bakhal makom elah (‘there is no place that X means anything else but ‘Y’).

Johanan (circa 250 CE, both living several generations after the supposed composition of Targum Onkelos), that the halakhah follows R. Contra-halakhic biblical interpretations occur in the early midrashim and the Talmuds, as well as in the later commentaries of Rashi, Rashbam, Ibn Ezra, Nachmanides, and others.

There is no rabbinic statement indicating that Targum Onkelos has halakhic authority.

Onkelos is thus a Babylonian equivalent of the name Aquilas.

There are indicators that suggest, although admittedly they do not prove, that Targum Onkelos could not have been composed in the second century.

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