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He played in MLB with the Dodgers (1954–59, 1963), Chicago Cubs (1960–61), New York Mets (1962), Cincinnati Reds (1962), and Washington Senators (1963–65).Shortly thereafter came a stint with the Toei Flyers of Nippon Professional Baseball in 1966.There’s so many dating services out there and I’ve looked them up, but they seem so cheese ball or crazy expensive.And the online dates I have gone on have actually been with incredible men. So I figure I just need many more dates to play the personality compatibility odds.In May 1962, the Mets traded Zimmer to the Cincinnati Reds for Cliff Cook and Bob Miller.He returned briefly to the Dodgers in 1963, when the Reds traded him to the Dodgers for Scott Breeden.This led to Major League Baseball adopting batting helmets as a safety measure to be used by players when at-bat.

Others featured companies that had outsourced large, complex projects (meaning they posted high-paying freelance tasks). I still went longer than a few paragraphs, but also left out how Ferriss outsourced his dating life, using virtual assistants to craft his profile, respond to inquiries, and even make dates on his behalf.

Following his retirement as a player, Zimmer began his coaching career.

He worked in Minor League Baseball, before coaching the Montreal Expos (1971), San Diego Padres (1972), Boston Red Sox (1974–76, 1992) New York Yankees (1983, 1986, 1996–2003), Cubs (1984–86), San Francisco Giants (1987), Colorado Rockies (1993–95), and Tampa Bay Devil Rays / Rays (2004–14).

Even so, Elance didn't feel Ferriss was noteworthy enough to deserve his own article, so I was asked to combine his interview with one for another writer whose book on outsourcing was also about to be published. (Tim went on the actual dates, his commitment to outsourcing only going so far.) He did that partly to show the breadth of outsourcing possibilities, but also as a savvy marketing move -- he knew that being able to say "And coming up next, the guy who actually outsourced his dating life" would be like catnip to morning talk show hosts.

(Unfortunately, I can't remember the author's name, and even though the internet is theoretically forever, the article I eventually wrote has disappeared.)He knew his material cold, but not in an overprepared, talking-point-heavy way. I left out a lot of stuff -- his innovative approaches to marketing, his uncanny ability to strip away the chaff to find the wheat, his smart takes on work and life and personal fulfillment ...

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