Updating client computers with win 2016 server

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For example, look at this log snippet: 11/18/2016 .18706 AM 936 16068 service_cpp393 [Shared] * START * Service startup 11/18/2016 .19555 AM 936 16068 susclientglobal_cpp67 [Agent] WU client version 10.0.14393.351 11/18/2016 .19571 AM 936 16068 sleepstudytracker_cpp162 [Agent] Sleep Study Tracker: Machine is non-AOAC. 11/18/2016 .19576 AM 936 16068 susclientglobal_cpp115 [Agent] Base directory: C:\WINDOWS\Software Distribution 11/18/2016 .19604 AM 936 16068 dscore_cpp1033 [Agent] Datastore directory: C:\WINDOWS\Software Distribution\Data Store\Data 11/18/2016 .21624 AM 936 1840 settingcache_cpp191 [Agent] Initializing global settings cache 11/18/2016 .21624 AM 936 1840 settingcache_cpp192 [Agent] WSUS server: https://wsus.11/18/2016 .21624 AM 936 1840 settingcache_cpp194 [Agent] WSUS status server: https://wsus.11/18/2016 .21624 AM 936 1840 settingcache_cpp196 [Agent] Target group: (Unassigned Computers) 11/18/2016 .21624 AM 936 1840 settingcache_cpp200 [Agent] Windows Update access disabled: No 11/18/2016 .22079 AM 936 16068 agent_cpp142 [Agent] Initializing Windows Update Agent 11/18/2016 .22085 AM 936 16068 downloadmanager_cpp13864 [Download Manager] Download manager restoring 0 downloads 11/18/2016 .22220 AM 13660 520 discoveryjob_cpp36 [Com Api] *QUEUED* SLS Discovery 11/18/2016 .25741 AM 936 4988 downloadmanager_cpp9702 [Download Manager] Purge Expired Updates:: Found 650 non expired updates.

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Ensure that the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Update doesn’t reflect any of these values. These policies are meant for Windows Update for Business (WUf B). Windows Update for Business aka WUf B enables information technology administrators to keep the Windows 10 devices in their organization always up to date with the latest security defenses and Windows features by directly connecting these systems to Windows Update service.

Thus, consuming more bandwidth when downloading the store app updates.

We also recommend you to apply GPO for DO to use over LAN-in which case the clients will establish peer to peer connection and download already cached content.

As you figured out we didn’t recommend disabling the Store itself to prevent the store app updates download since it breaks the entire store and makes it inaccessible for the clients.

Also, if a machine has already queued for an app update, it doesn’t cancel the existing download.

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