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Now, with the help of a bounty hunter, a cartographer, and many more unlikely friends, he has to try and make it home in one piece. In the year 2309, an interplanetary war has torn the galaxy apart. Emma Martina is the best of the best, but her Faction seems to be on its last breath.Jenny is stuck in one of those annoying time loops. Travel with the crew of the Evening Star as they fight alongside the Resistance, working to rebuild a better galaxy and bring an end to the ongoing conflict. Can the combination of a famous sponsor player and a driven newbie turn around a war?

Dear visitor, we are currently upgrading our website!A fantasy adventure about a tinkerer who talks to machines, a flippant magic harvester, and a zealous paladin travelling through the Myriad Worlds, fixing the problems they find... Weregeek is a comic about a group of Gamers who struggle to balance their normal lives with their secret/semi-secret "geek" lives, running the gamut of Fandom from LARPing to video games to roleplaying games to fanfic to anime. A fox girl that died and was brought back to life in a robot body made to look like her? Professor Adsila Bell is determined to make a place for humans in galactic history by studying a new species on an alien planet.Pogo, a small-framed but big-mouthed young thief with telekinetic powers, has fallen through a hole in the ground and finds himself in an underground society where survival is based on strength and intimidation. But a terrible secret lurks just under the surface, one that will affect not just humanity, but the entire galaxy.Galaxion is a science fiction adventure and romance. With Tistow rapidly heading to war, Jack finds himself alone and exposed to the city's dark underworld, led by the enigmatic gang leader known only as Loksley.It is not dark and gritty, but bright and clean and a little whimsical, and populated by characters you actually wouldn't mind meeting over dinner and getting to know personally. On a distant world, two species live in violent co-existence.

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