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Compared to NOD32 Antivirus, Smart Security features a personal firewall, anti-spam module to filter suspicious or unwanted emails, anti-theft for notebooks (requires registration, free), along with a parental control module to restrict children's access on the PC.

Each of these components can be configured as well as deactivated and re-enabled with one click.

The recommended way to upgrade a domain is to promote domain controllers that run newer versions of Windows Server and demote older domain controllers as needed.

That method is preferable to upgrading the operating system of an existing domain controller.

This consolidation allows for all these components to use far less system resources, work consistently, respect the new Connected Standby state for new device types, and consume less battery on portable devices.

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Advanced settings may be altered when it comes to the scan objects (operating memory, boot sectors, emails, archives and self-extracting archives, runtime packers), heuristics and Smart signatures, cleaning level, file extensions, size limits, alternate data streams, logging, Smart optimization, and background scanning. Additional options can be configured for the real-time guard, HIPS, gamer mode, anti-stealth protection, web access, email client, and anti-phishing.

The following table summarizes the new features for AD DS in Windows Server 2012, with a link to more detailed information where it is available.

For a more detailed explanation of some features, including their requirements, see What's New in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS).

Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 introduce a new feature called Automatic Maintenance.

Automatic Maintenance consolidates many different features that each used to manage its own scheduling and execution logic.

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