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Fast Load uses multiple sessions to quickly load large amount of data on empty table. An inner join gets data from both tables where the specified data exists in both tables. Online Analytical Processing, a category of software tools that provides analysis of data storedin a database.

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Limited Availability (LA) to OEM Partners for their metadata import/export of Data Modeling and design tools (Note that version 7.0 was initially labeled as version 6.3, with Beta Early Access for OEM partners on 3/31/2011) WARNING: The Meta Integration v4.1.2 tools now run on virtually any versions of Windows and Unix operating systems (currently packaged for Sun Solaris and Linux).Extraction–transformation–loading (ETL) tools are pieces of software responsible for the extraction of data from several sources, its cleansing, customization, reformatting, integration, and insertion into a data warehouse.Building the ETL process is potentially one of the biggest tasks of building a warehouse; it is complex, time consuming, and consumes most of data warehouse project’s implementation efforts, costs, and resources.The proposed model is built upon the enhancement of the models in the previous models to support some missing mapping features. on Beta Bridges:: As part of its continuous research and development, MITI may develop prototypes of new bridges. marked as "(beta)" or "beta bridge"] to the MIMB OEM Software for the sole purpose of proof of concepts and customer feedback.

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