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Sounds like your anti-virus is causing some issues with deleting files?

Also did you copy over the old files from the beta?

I might add, that i recently reinstalled windows 10 so could there be some things missing from that specifically?

all the times i’ve debugged this it has todo with steam failing to download all files of some reason which is then resolved by verifying the local game files. Meant as that is has downloaded files, which made me think that it was all good. Uninstalled/re-installed it verified it, started it crashed again. The game plays fine for a mission or two, then at the end of the game I get the "Corrupt file in Block (the block changes between 0 and 1).

To fix this problem either wait for anti virus update that fixes the problem, or add the problematic file to your anti virus exceptions.

After that, validate the game on Steam to redownload the missing file. While it shows 0% all of the time, it actually downloads your subscribed Steam Workshop mods.

But they’re not complaining anyway i’ll try and make an exception for the game. Well i can try to do it on the main drive, i’ve one big HDD for storage and then a SSD for OS. I find that AV software today has many different components.

Unforutnately when you whitelist it for say anti-virus it doesnt do the same for the Malware scanning or especially the heuristics/0-day type of scans.

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If you encountered a problem with Steam, please contact Steam Support instead.

Thus users get confused why disabling the anti-virus doesn’t help but uninstalling the AV entirely does.

Well here’s the “deal”: It’s installed on my second drive (D: which is a hdd) I’ve uninstalled mupltiple times now and i just uninstalled through steam, again, and then i checked the steam folder.

Below you can see solutions to most common problems with Steam. In order to download and install games from Steam, you must download and install the Steam Client first.

You can find the Steam client installed on the official Steam Store website: Once downloaded, installed and fully updated, you will be promted to enter your Steam Account credentials.

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