Validating textarea javascript

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As this validation is made for an email address, the validation also verifies that the address contains the "@" character followed again by characters that contain letters and/or numbers, a dot and after it more letters and/or numbers.

If using the validation shown before, when rendering the form the validation will be shown as the image below when entering a valid email address.

For an invalid email address, the warning will be shown when the event On Change() is triggered.

This property is related to the Validate property and simply sets the message error shown in case the evaluation for the field is "False".

This is a brief introduction to regular expressions which can be used in the validate property to check whether the user has entered valid input into a textbox.

Matching strings of characters To match any string of characters, use them in the regular expression. Get more information This is just a brief introduction to regular expressions and there are more special characters which can be used.

For example, if the max length is set to 100 and the size is surpassed, the following message will be shown: This property allows mathematical formulas to be used within the fields of the form.

Then, click on one of the examples in the list to insert it and then it can be customized to fit your needs.(the first letter in every word is changed to uppercase).Select the type of transformation inside the properties of the control. Take into account that leaving it as "none", the text will not have any transformation and will be saved just like the final user entered it.Furthermore, Process Maker can only store up to 16MB of data about a case, which would be 16,777,216 characters (assuming there are no international characters which need more than 8-bits).On a practical note, it is better to use textareas and file objects to store large amounts of data, since they are stored separately in the database and will not slow down the processing of Process Maker, nor are they subject to the same space limitations as textboxes.

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