Waiting and dating

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From a business standpoint, all these examples make perfect sense.

Indeed, there are signals everywhere that explicitly or subliminally say: “” and the likes. The ability to take action is often a sign of the awareness that we are responsible for our own destiny and the outcomes of our lives. However, stressing the importance of speed has created an excessively negative image of “waiting”.

Art needs to be nestled and proactively exposed to the public.

It won’t just self-promote and find its way to popularity (or if it does, you might not be of this world anymore).

However, the ability to peacefully let things unfold is a skill as well.

We can only influence a small portion of the outside world, through our behavior.

In many cases, the ability to deliver quickly is vital to success (e.g.

medical emergencies) or at least differential to the purchasing experience.

In the end, the experience of waiting is subjective but it is also an inherent element of life that we all need to deal with, one way or another.But we also want to be able to express our feelings, for example our enthusiasm for a potential new relationship.Many of us have learned that if we are balanced in doing so, we can produce positive energies and help ourselves strengthening the connection.When asked how he survived and dealt with the uncertainty, Stockdale shared: “ hoping or waiting. When asked who did not make it out, Stockdale remarked, “Most of the times, life seems to ask us to wait in much more trivial situations.He made enormous efforts to keep up the morale of the other prisoners. These are just warm-up exercises for us to learn how to act or simply to look at certain circumstances with a different perspective. Write me at [email protected] follow me on Medium, Facebook or Twitter.

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