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It all came to a head when she was asked to make a covers album rather than writing and singing her own material. It’s all good, I’ve still got so much love but we’re done.” years, who smiled and wore gorgeous dresses and had an astounding singing voice but didn’t say very much.

Little Mix's Perrie Edwards is engaged to One Direction's Zayn Malik which, you know, helps with the the whole fame thing.Her winner’s single, a cover of Kelly Clarkson’s “A Moment Like This”, was released straight after she won the show, peaking at number one in the UK charts and breaking a world record for having 50,000 digital downloads within 30 minutes.It was a symbiotic relationship from then on, she and Cowell had driven the show to new heights and both had a lot to gain from the partnership, but as Cowell grew more powerful, Lewis found herself working with teams of people she no longer knew.I felt like at that stage all they were doing was holding me back from fulfilling my potential, to ask me to do a covers album was... Although she’s had her hair and make-up done, her look is very natural. “In the past I have been reserved,” she says, reflecting on those early years, “you have to remember I was catapulted into this fame that I never thought would happen and it was amazing but then the privacy is just not there, so to compensate I would choose my words really carefully because I needed to save a piece of me for me and on top of that I had people saying ‘make sure you don’t say this in interviews’, ‘don’t do that’.You’re a 20-year-old and you just think, ‘Oh God I just have to shut my mouth and not say anything’.” After Lewis’s win in 2006, when she’d just turned 20, she was immediately “riding the wave” of success.

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