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It is a bit formal though and you can omit the word in some conversations as long as there is a time marker (see below). Placed before the verb, it generally describes a short action (eating, watching a movie, going shopping, etc). → Generally speaking, "to be" is not needed (unless you want to sound formal).For instance, "I'm eating" = "Aku lagi makan" → is more formal and it can be used for both short and long actions (learning a language, studying, working in a company). For instance, "Saya sedang cari kerja" = "I'm searching for a job". This is particularly true when it is used to describe something/someone or to give characteristics.Your interlocutor should understand if there is a plural from context alone.

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Located 29 kilometres from Exeter in Devon, Torquay was once a fashionable seaside resort for England’s elite and was known as the “English Riviera” because of the seasonable climate and mild winters.

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-kan: It is often added at the end of a verb, an adjective or a noun to form a transitive verb. = Turn off the light (from "mati" = "dead") You may have read that to form a plural in Indonesian, you can just say any word twice. It is adequate to translate an expression like "a bunch of", but it is better to avoid in any other cases.

In particular, it is used when something is done for the benefit of another. For instance, to say "kids", you can say "anak-anak" (from "anak" = "a kid"). In most informal speeches, the best thing to do is to leave the word as it is. You can also start your sentence with the formal "Apakah", or its shortened version "apa".

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