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These profiles are not real and are used for marketing purposes.

Some of the "marketing purposes" that these dating profiles are used for include making it appear as if they "liked" you.

Then when you go look at who "liked you" you will see a list of women all of who supposedly are interested you.

If you try to communicate back then need to upgrade to do send an email to the girl you want to email.

The profile we created is 100% empty, this includes no photographs in the profile and no personal information.

You then need to ask yourself as we did why in the world are these women interested in us?

When you start your journey into the world of online dating, you can be a little bit overwhelmed with all of the choices that you have to choose from.

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This site is running the same tactics as other dating sites running scams such as creating fake profiles to get men to sign up to their dating sites.

This statistic presents the number of registered Viber chat app users from June 2011 to March 2018.

As of that month, the mobile messenger had over 1 billion registered users worldwide.

As a consumer, and an adult with a need, that gives you an inside look on all of the sites.

It shows which sites to use and which sites are a waste of time.

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